CAUTION! If you’d like to see Trump get a second term, this website might not be for you. If you’re planning on unironically reading Don Jr.’s book “Triggered,” this website is also not for you.

We know this website looks like shit. That’s because it looks exactly like the website Donald Trump Jr. made to promote his book. Seriously. We’re not going to link to it, but it’s gross. Hire a graphic designer next time. On his website, you can “troll” liberals by sending them a copy of his book. On our website, you can troll the trolls by donating to a cause they would hate in their name.

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Sam Bee is the only daughter of Canadian real estate mogul, Mr. Samantha Bee, Esq., a man who did absolutely nothing to push her career forward except give her millions upon millions of dollars to fuck around with. Sam is the host of Full Frontal with Samantha Bee, a show that is viewed by billions around the world, the biggest audience ever to watch a late night show. Also, all of her viewers are incredibly beautiful people. Sam's big break in late night came from years of low to moderate effort in the business. She would like to reiterate that her success had absolutely nothing to do with her father’s extensive Canadian Hollywood TBS connections or his lavish fortune. Sam almost graduated with a bachelor's degree in improv comedy from the University of Phoenix. Unfortunately, she had to drop out mid-semester due to complications from mono. When Samantha is not climbing her way to the top of the entertainment industry, she enjoys hunting with nothing but her bare hands to give animals a shot at a fair fight. When she’s not poaching innocent animals, she can be found studying conspiracy theories on Reddit or tweeting about how good of a man her father is. She hopes one day he'll notice.
This website is fictional and does not depict any actual human person which is technically true because Don Jr. is not human.